Thursday, May 19, 2011

MCW Energy Group

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MCW Energy Group (“MCW”, “the Company”) is a Canadian holding company with two principal portfolio companies, a fuel distributor based in Southern California, and a break-through oil sand recovery venture with operations in Utah. MCW is a public company trading on the on the Frankfurt exchange under the symbol MW4.

MCW’s oil sand recovery technology, a leader in the industry with respect to environmental safety and efficiency, has the potential to open vast U.S. oil sand reserves to production. The Company expects rapid growth, both from sales of crude oil recovered from Utah oil sands under lease, and through improved competitive positioning in its core fuel distribution business. MCW’s two primary operations are:

• McWhirter Distributing Co., a leading distributor of branded and unbranded gasoline and diesel in the West Coast of the United States, and
• MCW Oil Sands Recovery LLC (“MCWOSR”) which will produce and sell oil extracted from oil sand reserves under lease in Utah.

The Company combines a steadily-growing fuel distribution business with an emerging, oil sand technology and extraction business. Based on conservative projections of oil pricing as well as operating costs, MCW’s oil sand recovery economics are attractive. Management anticipates that the oil sand operation will add significantly to MCW’s projected revenue and EBITDA growth, beginning in 2011.

Beyond these positive economics is a key strategic rationale for combining the two businesses: fuel distribution is an intensely competitive industry. While MCW’s fuel distribution business has certain advantages over competitors, profit margins are thin and prospects for growth are essentially limited to the growth rate of the overall economy.

However, as a producer of oil MCW becomes a supplier to the integrated petroleum companies that wield significant power over the much smaller regional distribution companies, including McWhirter Distributing Company. By having steady access to a supply of oil and control over the pricing, MCW believes it will be able to negotiate contractual terms that provide advantages on the distribution side of the business.

Disclosure: The above is a sponsored post, paid for by MCW Energy Group. Content was provided by MCW Energy Group. The site's author does not own any MCW Energy Group Securities.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate the upfront disclosures, but really? If you sell your space more often, I'm going to consider the quality of this blog going down the drain. It might even be de-listed in my RSS reader. This type of thing is no better than those pump-and-dump reports we all get in the mail.

Saj Karsan said...

Hi Anon,

Sorry for the inconvenience; I recognize that it's annoying. Unfortunately, this probably won't be the last time this happens. I suggest thinking about these as you would a radio or tv commercial in that sometimes you just have to put up with it to be able to get to the content.

Paul said...

Saj has to make a living. The benefits of your education easily surpasses the annoyance of the ads. I like the fact that you also clearly disclose things. If others don't like it, they don't have to read your blog. Keep the ads coming. I'm with ya, Saj!

Dave said...

I disagree. There are more than enough ads on this page. To introduce it as content, regardless of the disclosure puts a bad taste in my mouth.