Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Value Fail

Unfortunately, not every stock with value potential works out. This page is dedicated to these issues.

Tesco - 10/14
Premier Exhibitions - 9/14
RadioShack - 3/14
Aeropostale - 12/13
SuperValu - 3/13
Meade - 10/12
Qiao Xing Mobile - 06/12
Blonger-Tongue Labs - 05/12
Vicon - 8/11
Audiovox - 5/11
Orsus Xelent - 4/11
Belzberg - 3/11
China Education Alliance - 12/10


Investment Banking said...

All pages have useful information. Financial Values changes as per the market trends and I like all above articles which gives all details regarding this.

GlennC said...

I got burned on QXM too. Management was definitely treating shareholders badly with the convertible debenture deal, selling/buying their own companies to QXM/XING (and Real Gold), etc. etc. I didn't think that the CEO would run off with ALL the money and go dark. Unfortunately that seems to be what happened :/

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