Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Value Research

Analyst research is generally focused on the short-term. Price targets are set only about one year out, and discussion focuses mostly on issues that will affect the company over the next quarter or two. (As an aside, follow @ShitAnalystsSay on Twitter for some analyst parody. Please hold off on the hate mail - I'm not the guy behind that account!)

But Ultimate Value Finder does not provide that kind of research. This monthly newsletter is value-focused, and offers three high-conviction value ideas per issue. The write-ups are in-depth (about 2000 words per idea), and cover items such as management history, competitive position and other longer-term issues in which value investors (as opposed to short-term traders) would be interested.

Though this newsletter isn't free, it may be worth the subscription fee. One of the three stocks discussed in the January edition is up around 25% already! For more information about this product, or to see the various subscription offerings, go here. Good luck!

Disclosure: I do not contribute to the content of Ultimate Value Finder in any way, however, I have received a review copy of the January edition and may receive further benefits from the author.

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Anonymous said...

Very skeptical of paid-for newsletters. Sad to see this site go down this road.