Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An mPad Is Cheaper Than An iPad

Micropac Industries (MPAD) looks cheap...very cheap! It trades for $13.5 million despite net cash of $10 million and a profitable history: in the last four years it has total income of around $7 million. I read about this idea at Whopper Investments. If you don't already subscribe to that site, you should, as it has a number of actionable value ideas weekly.

Rather than just repeat everything he says about Micropac, I'll link just to his write-up of the company.

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Investments said...

trades over the counter.
perhaps you can shed insight into why an OTC stock is riskier than a NASDAQ stock.

Anonymous said...

Do you think an IFON is cheaper than an iPhone?

- aagold

Saj Karsan said...

lol, aagold!

NCAV Investor, I don't have any value to add there. You're better off googling the answer than getting a reply from me.