Thursday, December 6, 2012

Get Notified When A New Transcript Is Available

Thanks for all your feedback regarding the conference call transcript site. To provide an update, I have added some more functionality to hopefully make it more useful.

Instead of seeking out new transcripts on company earnings days (a frustrating process, since you can't actually tell when a transcript will be published!), you can now get notified when a new transcript for a company you follow becomes available.

This feature is not just useful on earnings days, but also for times when you weren't expecting any news. For example, yesterday QLogic was discussed on this site as a potential investment. While the company's last earnings release was back in October, a transcript from its presentation at CS Technology Conference last week is available at Obviously, transcripts are published for more than just conference calls, and you may not always know to look for them. Getting notified about any new transcripts available from companies you follow is a great way to keep on top of things!

As always, keep your suggestions and comments for improvement coming!


Michael Wu said...

After I registered and added two tickers. It returns "Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable due to a server hiccup". The main page is still working. Only the notification page is down.

Saj Karsan said...

Thanks for letting me know and sorry about that. It appears this occurred when the top company in a portfolio (e.g. the lowest alphabetically) did not have a transcript. I have fixed that now.

Let me know if you still have the problem or have other problems. Thanks!

Michael Wu said...

Hi Saj,

It works very well now. Thank you very much for creating such a great tool. BTW, I am using to get email notification once a SEC filing for a stock is available. Do you know any similar service for Canadian stocks?

Stevie said...

Great tool. One thing though; would be lovely if you can add stocks traded on European exchanges.

Saj Karsan said...

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, I do not!

Hi Stevie,

Yeah the coverage isn't as great for European stocks, but more are added every day. However, I find there just aren't as many transcripts for European you know of any good sources?

ECole said...

A excellent source for earnings transcripts.. faster transcripts are available on for free...
available within 2 hrs... and there's a calender of upcoming events.. chk out..