Thursday, August 29, 2013


How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia tells the story of a boy who grows up dirt poor and rises through various means to become rather successful. The methods by which success are attained are the book's primary focus, as the key success factors by which success is attained in the developing world are quite different than what they are in the developed world.

The book also gives the reader a good idea of what life is like in general in the developing world. Not that I would know; I've never been poor like that. But from the stories I've heard from my parents, who have been poor like that, it's not far off the mark. For example, luck plays a massive role in whether you and your siblings survive. Birth order plays a huge role in determining your future, with older siblings having to drop out and work in their pre-teen years, allowing younger siblings a few more years of schooling.

Interference from governments/gangsters (which are kind of indistinguishable much of the time) also plays a large role in shaping your future. Will you get tossed from your country/province/community for your ethnicity? Will you be killed because the only way you can make a living detracts (perhaps through competition) from the lifestyle of a powerful "leader"? Will you be an unsuspecting victim of the strong hand of corruption?

We may often wonder why citizens in the developing world behave in certain ways. This survival book written in the second person will help you understand their perspective.

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