Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting Real

I recently read a great book by the name of Getting Real by Jason Fried. I got the book because I was a big fan of another book by Fried by the name of Rework.

The problem is, the books are very similar. As such, I found it to be a bit of a waste of time.

The book is all about starting up and/or running a company in a lean way. Spending time on the right things is the highest priority, since time is the one resource you yourself can't get more of. I totally buy into this way of thinking and the strategies and principles the author sets forth. Unfortunately, I've probably read too much on this one topic because it just sounds like a broken record (or rather an mp3 on repeat for you kids out there) to me now.

I'll probably take a break from books about the "Lean" line of thinking for the time being, because I'm not getting as much out of them as I once was because a lot of them discuss the same principles. (Unless of course, one comes highly recommended because it has some awesome idea(s) that goes above and beyond what's already out there.) If you don't know the new "lean" movement or aren't versed in it, then Getting Real is as good as any to get started.

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