Friday, June 12, 2015

Notifications For Australian Stocks

The Australian market index still hasn't surpassed its 2007 high. Thanks to a recent bust in commodity prices, there is value to be found in Australia. Recently, I profiled one of my favourite stocks in Australia at the moment, Logicamms.

But how is one to keep up with the latest news from companies on different exchanges around the world? I solved the problem for myself and decided to share it: at, you can now add Australian companies to your portfolio, and get notified when one of these companies has a new filing.

So all in the same place you can now have a portfolio of US, Canadian and now Australian stocks, and receive immediate notifications when any of these companies files something with their respective regulatory bodies.

As always, let me know if you think something can be improved on the site.


Michael Wu said...

Thanks for the sharing. I am using it to get notification for Canadian. Really appreciate it. May I have a question? How you invest in Austrialian stock here from Canada? I know TD and HSBC both offer trading service on international stock exchange, but the commission seems rather high.

dgforvalue said...

Great addition Saj, thank you for making it available.

In some cases on Australian stocks, there seems to be two entries: one with capital letters and one without.

Saj Karsan said...

Hi Michael,

Yes, commissions are very high, I agree. I don't know a cheap solution.

Hi dg,

Thanks for letting me know. Could you give me an example, as my searches have come up empty. If your example has certain common features with the rest, that will help me find the rest.