Thursday, September 10, 2015

Double Your Profits in Six Months or Less

The title Double Your Profits in Six Months of Less is a little on the promotional side, but the quality of the content is excellent nonetheless. In the book, consultant Bob Fifer shares about 80 tricks that when combined are likely to far more than double the profits of mid-size to large firms.

I wish all managers of companies I own would read this. It provides a great way to think about how to do more with less, which should be the goal of all businesses. It's why we live in such a rich society (relative to history), but the opportunities to do even more with even less are ever-present.

Though the book is written as a huge list of 80 tips, it flows a lot better than any book I've read that is written in list format. The tips are categorized well, and lead in to each other seamlessly.

All of the book will apply to managers in mid to large sized firms, while only some of it will apply to those in small firms.


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