Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ender's Game

This New York Times Best Seller is recommended by the US Marine Corp to its recruits. Ender's Game is a novel about human nature, war, ethics and other topics.

The story is fascinating, but I don't want to talk it about it at all because I think a lot of the joy in this story is in patching all the pieces together by yourself as you read.

After I read Ender's Game, I decided to read the prequel and the sequel. The prequel was great as well, but I thought the sequel was a total waste of time. Or maybe I just didn't understand its point.

This link gives you access to all the stories Orson Card wrote about Ender, but I highly recommend reading Ender's Game first before checking out the others.

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Anonymous said...

If you enjoyed Ender's game and the Bean character st all, please read Ender's Shadow. You will love it.