Thursday, July 14, 2016

Search OTC Filings in Real-Time

I've been using a tool I've built to search out key words in OTC filings that are news releases, and I've now finally gotten around to sharing it with all of you. You create the phrases you want to see in an OTC release (e.g. "shares are undervalued", "sales will increase" etc.) and if a a new release contains a phrase you created, you'll get an instant notification.

It's free to try, but there is a small fee later if it turns out you found a golden phrase that makes you a ton of money.

I see this as a new way to generate unique ideas, as you are limited only by the creativity you can come up with for phrases that identify the types of companies you're looking for. You can search for things like "strategic acquisition" or "promote the stock" to find both long and/or short ideas.

If you find you're getting too many or too few e-mails, all you have to do is edit your keywords at the same page. As soon as you've submitted your edited entries, starting right then you will only receive matches for the new keywords.

Happy hunting!

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