Wednesday, August 16, 2017

When The Moon Is Low

A typical Afghan family lives a typical Afghan life, until the Taliban rise to power. Immediately, life changes. Girls must be pulled out of schools, women must be accompanied on the street, and everyone must watch what they say...or else. When the Moon Is Low: A Novel is the story of one devastated family's quest for a better life, which takes them through various countries so that they may reach England and request asylum.

I learned a lot about a number of countries, as this family stumbled their way through Turkey, Greece and France reaching for safety. These countries have a difficult time handling refugees, partly because there are so many. What a disaster these failed states are that force their citizens to run away to seek safety.

If this topic interests you, I recommend the book.

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Anonymous said...

These are not refugees, they are economic migrants. Had they been refugees, they would have applied for asylum in Turkey. Look how choosy they are, Turkey is not good enough, neither are France and Greece.