Thursday, September 7, 2023

The Profit Zone

How a business makes money at one point in time is not necessarily the same way it makes money at another point in time, say five years in the future. This is because of changes in competitors or customers or other factors outside of a company's control. In order to stay or get into that "profit zone", a company must have a relentless focus on its customers needs so that it can keep evolving. This is the premise behind the book, The Profit Zone.

I found the concept of the profit zone a very useful way to think about changes in business. I tend to think about companies in a very static way, as I'm analyzing them at one point in time (the current one). But the companies themselves are in a constant struggle to adapt to changing environments, and this book provides some terrific examples of a number of companies that have had to adapt their way into new business models as things have changed.

The only downside was that the writing style is a little dry, so at times it was a chore to get through.

I recommend the book to all interested in this topic.

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