Sunday, September 29, 2013

Universal Security Instruments Is Very Cheap

Universal Security Instruments (UUU) does not look like a great business of late. Its operating income has been negative for four consecutive years. But as a result of what appears to be distressed selling, the company's stock price has been in free fall relative to the firm's equity, which is stable. As such, the stock now trades at a massive discount to book value, offering an extraordinary risk/reward opportunity for deep-value investors with a long-term outlook. Read more...


Anonymous said...

sad to see you migrate your independent content to seekingalpha.

that site has a way of killing independent thought.

as for UUU, at this valuation you're looking at a mediocre business with zero margin of safety. Not sure what the angle is here.

This is more testimony to the paucity of available bargains and the importance of a significant (30%+) cash position to await fatter pitches.

Anonymous said...

first time visitor
do you think you can beat the S&P 500 like the top fund managers do using your value techniques?

seems like its very hard to do. what's your aggregate record so far?