Thursday, September 13, 2018

How We Did It

Karl Subban was a poor immigrant from Jamaica, but somehow all three of his sons were drafted to the NHL. The eldest is already a superstar. In How We Did It, he discusses what he considers to be the key principles that led to his family's success.

The principles are mixed in here and there, but mostly the book reads like an autobiography. We get a lot of detail on Karl's own upbringing, before we even get to the part where he raises his own children. Nevertheless, the story is interesting, and of course Karl believes the values instilled in him from a young age are key contributors to his family's success.

Those looking for insight on why Norris Trophy winner PK Subban was traded from the Habs will unfortunately find no information. In one of the most lopsided deals I've ever seen, the young superstar was traded for an aging and now overpaid defenceman in a bewildering deal.

If you've got kids, I suspect you may benefit from this book.

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