Monday, November 9, 2020

Genesis Land: A Home Builder Left Behind By The Market

Home builders have been on an absolute tear since the market lows earlier this year. Even lower rates combined with fears of the pandemic have driven sales of new homes higher, and home builders have seen their stock prices react positively as a result. From the March lows, Toll Brothers (TOL) and Beazer Homes (BZH) have seen their stock prices triple, while The New Home Company (NWHM) has seen its stock price rise a whopping 400%, to name a few examples.

But there is one home builder that has been left behind in this market frenzy, despite benefiting from the same factors as its peers. That company is Genesis Land Development (GDC)

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Phil K said...

Hey Saj, do you have any thoughts on this rights offering that GDC is doing right now? Seems strange to offer unlimited incremental shares to current holders below the market price (albeit the market price is a moving target considering the liquidity).