Thursday, March 7, 2024


Hearing statistics of what happened during a genocide doesn't tug on our emotional heartstrings quite like an individual's story does. Maus is one Holocaust survivor's extraordinary tale.

I first read this book a couple of decades ago and it touched me a lot. So as I teach my son about this horrifying period in history, it made sense to me to read it again, this time with him. It's written in comic book form, making it very easy for children to follow along.

Kids tend to lack perspective, and understandably so: their only experience of life is their own and the few people they know around them! So it can be easy for them to think they are among the unluckiest kids in the world if they get less sugary snacks or less screen time than their friends. Reading accounts like this can help them get some real perspective, in my opinion, as well as teach them some history.

I strongly recommend Maus to anyone who can read!


Amit said...

Long time follower.

I haven't checked this blog in a while. Did you convert this into a book review website mixed with the quarterly results?

Miss the good old days of kicking the tires on some sweet old cigar butts.

Saj Karsan said...

Hi Amit,

Yeah things have changed a little bit. For one thing, Twitter has emerged as a simpler medium to communicate with people about stocks. But also, I don't share as much as I used to, as the funds under my control have grown substantially. Whereas I used to be able to quickly build a full position in a small-cap and then talk about it freely, nowadays it takes me months or years to build positions and so talking about it would hurt my returns.