Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Psychology of Money

I've read and agreed with a lot of stuff from Morgan Housel over the years, so I already knew I'd agree with most of what he says in The Psychology of Money. The book discusses a number of factors that individuals should consider as they think about how they save and grow their savings.

I skimmed most of it because I was already familiar with most of the concepts. But for beginners to the world of saving, I think this is a terrific book. A number of important concepts are discussed with helpful examples.

The reason I don't read more Housel is because I find him wordy. The late great Charlie Munger was great at distilling concepts into just a few words. I find Housel to be the opposite. Nevertheless, the concepts he espouses are right on the money, and I recommend the book to all those learning how to save and invest.

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