Monday, December 2, 2013

Naked Statistics

If all statistics text books were as entertaining as Charles Wheelan's Naked Statistics, I don't think statistics would be considered a boring subject.

Wheelan takes the reader through a number of real-world applications to demonstrate the use of statistics, along with how they can be manipulated or misinterpreted, both of which I see occurring in real-life all the time. I highly recommend it for anyone green in the subject who is looking to learn more.

For me, however, the book was a little bit on the introductory side, so I breezed through it quite quickly. Still, I recognized that Wheelan is skilled at explaining difficult concepts in simple terms and with helpful examples. Chapter by chapter, the reader gains more knowledge of the subject, and by the end of the book he is versed in some pretty advanced concepts (at least by my standards, as a non-statistician!) such as the t-statistic.


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