Thursday, December 5, 2013

Value Investors by Chan

We hear a lot about the most famous value investors. But there is a group of very successful value managers who fly under the radar, many of whom are profiled in Ronald Chan's Value Investors.

Rather than profile the investors with whom most are already familiar, Chan scours the globe for the lesser knowns. And I do mean globe, as Chan's study was not just focused on North America or the West, which I thought was a real differentiator for the book.

The book delves into how these value-minded individuals with totally different backgrounds found the value mantra, and have made it work for them. Some started from positions of privilege (great education, backing from wealthy families) while others were so poor so as to have gone hungry as children! It is these latter that most impressed me, but they grew up in Asia and run smaller firms, so I had previously never heard of them.

There are no formulas in this book, just backgrounds on and advice/commentary from the twelve fund managers profiled. Enjoy!

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