Saturday, September 19, 2009

Small-Cap Conference

We've made it no secret on this site that we believe small-cap companies are the most inefficiently priced, thus offering the potential for greater returns for investors who can recognize companies trading at discounts to their intrinsic values. But many small-caps are unknowns, leaving investors with an information shortfall. One way to alleviate this shortfall is to attend various conferences that are targetted at investors looking to learn more about small companies in which they can invest. One such conference I plan to attend takes place in Vancouver next week. The description of the event is as follows for those interested:

The Small-Cap Conference is a prestigious investment conference held bi-annually across Western Canada. The Conference is an informative one-day event with prominent guest speakers who share their investment knowledge, tools, outlook, and top picks. There are also corporate presentations from a variety of quality, small-cap companies from many different industries. The conference is focused on fundamental companies generating cash flow and earnings - many of which post better per share numbers than well-known blue-chip companies. Refreshments, drinks and door prizes complement the evening session. The conference is free to attend and is open to all investors. Pre-registration is preferred.

The fundamental focus of the companies coming to the Vancouver conference provide solid investing opportunities even in uncertain market conditions. We have witnessed a significant rally in the larger stocks this year and the small-caps are now gaining increased attention. This is an excellent time to learn where to put investment dollars from the guest speakers and company presentations at The Small-Cap Conference. At this year’s conference, we are pleased to have popular speakers such as Louis Paquette, editor of Emerging Growth Stocks, and Brent Todd, Canaccord Capital. There will also be several company presentations ranging from Oil and Gas, Healthcare Technology, Construction, Aerospace, Mining, Manufacturing, and Green Technology firms. The full schedule and list of presenting companies is on our website at

The Fall Symposium is being sponsored by Capital Transfer Agency, QIS Capital,, Emerging Growth Stocks, Fundamental Research,, Small-Cap Discovery,, and the CNSX Stock Exchange.

Admission is FREE with pre-registration.

Please visit for more information

The Vancouver Small-Cap Conference
September 23, 2009
Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre - Canada Place (West Building)
604 438 4010 636


Garrett said...

Sounds fun. I'll probably attend the Calgary symposium in October. Thanks for the heads up.

Jonathan Goldberg said...

Great article in the Globe and Mail discussing what your readers need to keep in mind when entering the world of small caps. Linked below.