Friday, August 26, 2011

Tweet Tweet!

It has been a year now since I joined Twitter, and in that relatively short amount of time it has become an important part of my investing life! Value investors have a lot to gain from Twitter, which is why I recommend that all readers join Twitter if they haven't already.

By definition, value investors are in the minority in the investment community. While others are buying what's hot, we focus on what's not. As such, it can be a very lonely investment world out there, with popular media, most bloggers and most investors focused on the types of securities in which we have no interest.

But when you're in control of the sources of your investment news, all of a sudden the media can be filtered down into a very relevant feed with a strong value slant! Twitter lets you do that.

Every day, I see a ton of value stocks debated on their value merits, receive the option to read numerous articles related to value investing and value investors, and receive several value stock tips from sage thinkers of value mindsets.

If you're a value investor who's not on Twitter, get on it!

Disclosure: Author has an account on Twitter. You can follow me by clicking here


Anonymous said...

Can you suggest a few good value-oriented feeds?

Saj Karsan said...

Hi Anon,

Here are a few.