Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dialed In To FTE

It has become a lot harder to find hated names on the public exchanges. As the rising tide of the market has lifted many sectors, long-term value investors are sitting on growing cash positions, lusting for the long-gone pessimism of 2009. Read more...


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at Bouygues ? I bought it today and even though I hold FTE too, I find Bouygues to be a better candidate for new money.

They are a family run business with significant holding (~20% holding by Bouygues family). Furthermore, they hold *other* good businesses like Construction, media and 30% of the engineering group Alstom. There share price has suffered because of their Telecom business -- just like FTE.

Anonymous said...


Any thoughts on the sustainability of FTE's (now ORAN) dividend?

Your insights would be much appreciated.

Big fan

Saj Karsan said...

Hi Kirkomi,

I have not.

Hi BF,

I would say it is sustainable. That said, I would be happier if they cut it, and used those funds to pay down debt and buy back shares, as I think that is a better use of their capital.