Friday, August 9, 2013

Obvious Adams

What it takes many writers hundreds of pages to say, Robert Updegraff can do in just a few. His book, Obvious Adams, is just seventy pages long, but its worldly wisdom could fill an encyclopedia.

This is a novel that takes you through the business life of a great marketer. Protagonist Obvious Adams doesn't come up with any particularly brilliant ideas, it seems, yet he is successful at increasing profits wherever he goes. From his humble beginnings as a stocker at a grocery store to his leading of one of the city's top marketing firms, Adams advances by plucking the low-hanging fruit that nobody else seems to notice is present.

I really appreciated Updegraff's brevity. I found the story compelling despite the lack of a love story (why do business novels feel the need to force one in?) that would otherwise double the page count but add little to the lessons.

It'll take you just a couple hours to read this, so I'd say its well worth your time. Of course, there is a risk that you'll feel some of the concepts are so obvious that they were not worth your time! The good news is, the book is such a quick read that your downside risk is minimal. Enjoy!

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