Monday, May 12, 2014

Lean In

Warren Buffett has always been optimistic on America, as it has been able to turn human potential into wealth like no other large country. He continues to be optimistic going forward, as he believes there is still a great deal of potential yet to be unleashed. One large potential source of future wealth that is currently not being properly tapped? Women.

Women like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg are trying to change that. In Sandberg's book Lean In, she outlines how women can contribute more in the workplace.

I appreciated how the book was not overly whiny, as this type of book often tends to be. Instead, Sandberg focuses on what behaviours women need to either emulate or alter in order to succeed. She argues that women are different and are perceived as such, and so just copying male behaviour actually results in negative responses from others. Instead, women need to behave in their own way, and Sandberg offers a number of examples and advice from her own career to illustrate these differences.

It's a short read and it's cheap, so if the topic interests you, have at it.

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