Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Out of STT Enviro

I purchased my position in STT Enviro 3 months ago, but today I no longer own any shares. I have no quibble with the company, it's just that the price ran up such that I no longer believe it to be a good risk-reward at the current price.

Last week, the company's shares traded as high as 37.5 cents per share, whereas six months ago shares were available for just 14.5 cents per share. The capital markets never cease to amaze me with their wild gyrations, not that I'm complaining.

I suspect the company will do well with a US dollar tailwind and a strong backlog that will propel its income upwards. I prefer to buy companies when the chips are down, however, so I'm happy to sell this and move the money to areas where folks are not so optimistic.

Disclosure: No position

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Anonymous said...

Well done.