Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Extreme Ownership

What can the business world learn from Navy SEALs? In Extreme Ownership, Iraq war veterans from one of the most elite combat groups tell us how to be better leaders.

I thought the book was great. Each chapter starts out with a combat situation that either went bad or could have gone bad if not for some leadership aspect that was lacking or present. The leadership aspect in question is then related to a real-world business problem that these SEALs turned consultants have faced.

The combat situations were interesting. I enjoyed learning about how these Navy SEAL teams operate in order to attack the enemy. I also thought the leadership aspects they stressed were pretty good. No ridiculously obvious stuff like "lead by example", but at the same time nothing was so abstract that it can't be immediately implemented by anyone wanting to become a better leader.

At times the book felt like an ad for the authors' leadership consulting business, but if you can deal with that I think you'll enjoy the book.

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