Friday, May 27, 2016

Follow The Money Managers

There are several thousand of you now getting company updates from I'm pleased to announce that you can now follow money managers on the same site.

This allows you to track managers not just when they report their holdings every quarter (through 13F filings) but also the more timely updates as they cross certain ownership thresholds (e.g. 13D and 13G filings) or make insider transactions (e.g. Form 4 filings).

Add money managers the same way you add companies to your portfolio. But now you have a "Money Manager" tab on your portfolio page so you can see your company and manager follows in their own groups.

This feature is brand new so there will invariably be bugs, as I'm sure you guys will do your best to break it as usual. Please let me know about them so they can be fixed. (Lots of ways! You can comment on this post, send feedback through CCT or send me an e-mail.)

Happy following!


Adib said...

Keep rocking buddy.

juan said...

Great new feature. Thanks, Saj!