Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

Babies need naps. Unfortunately, they don't always agree. So how the $*#)@# does a parent appropriately deal with such a situation? Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is here to help.

I learned a lot from this book: what makes us sleepy, how daytime and nighttime sleep differ, and a lot of techniques for how to make a baby sleep.

But I feel like I learned everything except how to solve the specific problem I'm having. Though to be fair, I can't simply implement what the author suggests to see if it'll work, because there is another executor with her own ideas of what should be done.

This book felt like a reference book, as it covers a lot of months/years of a child's life, and is some 400 pages thick. It's also very repetitive; it is probably one of those books that could have been an article.

I may refer to it from time to time as problems come up, but this feels like one of those books where if you need to consult it, it's because you're screwed already. Enjoy!

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