Friday, April 28, 2017


Stagecoach owns and operates buses and trains in the UK, and to a lesser extent in Europe and America.

The price is down 50% from its 2015 high, likely due to fears over Brexit, terrorism/tourism, and regulatory changes (franchising of buses).

As a result, it trades with an EV/EBIT of about 9.

They compete with other companies for government contracts for particular routes/lines in the various areas where they operate, but there are scale benefits to this type of business (existing transportation equipment, workforce, government connections) which keeps barriers to entry high. So it's always the same few companies bidding, which keeps pricing rational and profitable.

Some cities may change how they set up these contracts, in effect keeping the revenue (franchising) and paying SGC rather than what SGC normally does which is collect the revenue itself. This could lead to slightly lower margins, but over the long term I wouldn't expect this to change the nature of the industry.

ROE is consistently in the double-digits. However, while the company seeks to deploy its earnings, it has ended up growing revenue but with lower margins. In my opinion, this is still okay as there are some aspects of the business which are growing quickly but still losing money, but could have moats some day, again because of the "network" nature of the industry and the oligopoly structure this leads to.

Here is a decent article on the company with more details.

Disclosure: Author has a long position in shares of SGC.UK

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Why do you prefer that to Go-Ahead group? Don't you think that any company involved in UK rail is in a bad business?

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