Monday, January 8, 2018

Ready Player One

Ready Player One: A Novel is an absolute page-turner. I had a hard time putting it down, and I probably understood less than 10% of 1980s pop culture references on which the book is based.

What sucked me in was the outstanding plot. The future doesn't look bright in the year 2045, as mankind has run out of oil and has resorted to wars that have degraded standards of life. Many spend most of their lives living vicariously through their avatars in the most popular app/OS of the day. But it's not so vicarious: haptic body suits and 360 treadmills make it so that you can really feel what's happening to your online character.

The plot was an absolute 10, which allowed me to enjoy the book despite finding the apocalyptic scenario implausible. We're out of energy for cars, but not so for living entire lives online? Our main character is supposed to be typically poor, but everyone he encounters online seems to be richer than he is, even though anyone can get online...not sure how that works.

The other gripe I have with the book is I'm not sure if I can say I learned anything useful. But maybe my imagination was expanded or something.


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