Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Adventures of a Curious Character

Richard Feynman was a world-renowned physicist who, among other things, worked on the atomic bomb and won the Nobel Prize. In Adventures of a Curious Character, we learn more about him, through his own eyes, as he walks us through a bunch of anecdotes from his life.

Feynman was a true renaissance man. His curious mind and aptitude led him to become proficient in a number of areas. One would think that to be at the top of one's field would require immense focus and time devoted to just that field, but Feynman preferred to let his curious mind wander. He would become an expert at a lot of things including, it would seem, the art of picking up!

The whole book reads a bit like a humble-brag, but if you get over that I think there's a lot to learn. After a while, you can't blame him for bragging when the guy is so good at whatever it was he put his mind to.

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