Saturday, December 26, 2020

A Promised Land

Barrack Obama made history by becoming the first US President who is at least half black. In A Promised Land, he discusses his years in office.

Unfortunately, because Obama goes into so much detail about the years before he took office, he runs out of room to discuss his second term. I was disappointed by this, as I really wanted to know his thinking on the Snowden issue, which he did not touch on at all. Instead, we get a lot of detail about his campaign, his family life, and the years (in the Illinois and federal Senates, respectively) leading up to his presidency.

Nevertheless, there was still a lot of good stuff in there: an inside look at the search for Osama bin Laden, the campaign against Hilary, the racism he experienced on his historic run, and the growing willingness of the right to propogate lies to get what they want.

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V Shah said...

Happy new year, Saj.

There is a 2nd volume of his autobiography in the pipeline, so you will need to wait to find out about his views on Snowden issue!