Thursday, February 25, 2021

Three-Body Problem

Cixin Liu's novels have taken China by storm. I recently read an English translation of his most famous work, The Three-Body Problem, and it was pretty good!

Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres, since you get to learn about history through the eyes of its participants, without having to endure the mind-numbing statistics that you're going to forget later anyway. Three-Body has some of that, as the Chinese Cultural Revolution played a central role in this book's plot. After reading the book, I read about the author and found out that his own life was uppended by the cultural revolution.

This book was also heavy on the sci-fi, however. It was interesting to some extent, but it also got a little weird/crazy for my liking as well.

This was book one of a trilogy. Though I enjoyed it, I will not be reading the next two books any time soon.

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