Friday, July 22, 2022

Don't Trust Your Gut

We make a bunch of intuitive decisions throughout the course of our lives. We might make better decisions if we didn't only have to rely on our intuition. In Don't Trust Your Gut, author Seth Stephens delves into some massive data collections in order to provide some statistical base rates that can improve our decision-making.

The author considers the book a kind of Moneyball for life. Myself, it reminded me a lot of Freakonomics.

Each chapter is dedicated to a deep-dive on a topic where people would be better off making decisions that seem counter-intuitive. The topics range from dating advice to child-rearing.

The book was good but I think it's one of those examples of a book that could have easily gotten the same message across as just an article. There were a lot of narratives to read through before the author got to the point or summary findings of each topic.


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