Thursday, March 16, 2023

No One Wins Alone

I really enjoyed Mark Messier's book No One Wins Alone. As a fan of the Edmonton Oilers growing up, the book brought back a lot of memories, and provided a view of what it was like on the inside.

Messier is one of the winningest players in NHL history. In addition to his six Stanley Cups, he owns the distinction of being the only player to have captained two separate teams to Stanley Cups (Oilers and Rangers). He is perhaps most famous for his guarantee of a Game 6 playoff win, which came true in large part thanks to the hat trick he would go on to score in the game in question.

The book is both a memoir, as well as a "how-to" on how to build a winning culture. I absolutely loved the memoir aspect of it; but to be honest, I thought a lot of the "winning culture" stuff was BS thanks to a whole lot of survivorship bias. But who am I to judge? You decide.

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