Friday, July 14, 2023

Pitch the Perfect Investment

You've got the perfect stock idea, but you're also broke and don't have much in the way of your own capital. How do you convince someone to act on your idea? How do you even know it's a good idea? How can you tell if it's a good fit for the person you're talking to, whether a portfolio manager, your professor, or a colleague? This is the topic of the book Pitch the Perfect Investment

I read about Paul Sonkin (one of the authors) almost two decades ago in what was a life-changing academic program for me. To be reviewing his book is a bit of a personal thrill.

It's kind of two books in one. The first part is about valuation (of a stock), while the second part is about communication (of a stock idea). There are a lot of books that cover the valuation aspect. I think it's difficult to differentiate yourself when you come out with another book on valuation.

But I thought the second part of the book was really unique. I had not seen anything like it to date, and I think it's a fantastic, under-discussed idea.

I wish I had had this book when I was learning the field. First, it would have helped me communicate ideas to my professors, and then later to you readers as my blog began to grow many years ago.

I highly recommend it to students or anyone starting out in this industry.

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