Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Investment Zoo Chapters 14 & 15:Giving Sensibly & Like What You See in the Mirror

In this chapter, the author supports the idea of giving to charities. If you are going to do so he advises to understand how effective the charity is at achieving their mission and determine how efficient the charity is at ensuring the money ends up in the right places.

He has started the Jarislowsky Foundation which endows Canadian University Chairs in areas he feels are important subjects. The Foundation's main goal is "excellence" as opposed to what he believes to be the Canadian trait of mediocrity. He believes the Foundation is financially efficient because there are 3 board members with no paid employees and often they get the Government and always the Universities to put money alongside the Foundation's money with the endowments.

Jarislowsky concludes the book with some advice. First, even as small investors, you can do very well by acting as a disciplined long term investor. Look for long-term growth and top management.

Lastly, he gives the advice to use life for the good. Be loyal to mentors, friends and family and stay true to your values. Act with and expect integrity from others. Make sure that you like what you see in the mirror!

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