Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Site Update!


Reyer and I are pleased to announce that this site recently hit its 200th subscriber! Subscribers are those persons who receive our articles via e-mail or through RSS readers. (If you're a frequent visitor who is interested in subscribing, just follow the links on the right frame.)

We thought we'd take this opportunity to share some of our website's visitor statistics. Since inception, which occurred four months ago, we have had almost 10,000 unique visitors, almost 15,000 site visits, and more than 25,000 page views! We are very pleased with the strong growing interest in this site.

Going forward, we will continue to strive to provide content which questions conventional wisdom, is grounded in logic as opposed to psychological biases and includes a healthy margin of safety for any investment recommendations! Please keep your suggestions and comments coming so that we can continually improve in our efforts to achieve these goals!

We'll keep the following subscriber counter near the bottom of each page so that you can follow along as we continue together in building a strong value investing community:


Epic Ahab said...

Congratulations. I think your site is becoming more popular. I have seen some posters at the GuruFocus forums talking about it and I mentioned it today on Tim Ferriss's blog. (fourhourworkweek.com)

If I had any Usability suggestions (I'm a tech writer in this field) I would say don't use a serifed font for your website. Verdana is much easier to read online.

Also, give the user a clear target that says "Home" to click and move navigation up to the top. Don't punish users by making them scroll down and to the right for links. Place links at the top or left.

You also don't need such a large banner with the site name. Try to design a catchy logo that's smaller.

All for now, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Epic.

Will incorporate some of your suggestions in the coming days. By the way, the banner at the top acts as a "Home" link if you're not on the home page already.