Friday, August 14, 2009

Valuation Methodologies

We discuss a lot of big picture items related to individual companies on this site, such as revenue risks, debt levels, and cost structures. What we don't do is get into a lot of details regarding valuations. While we did explore this topic in our chapter-by-chapter summaries of Ben Graham's book Security Analysis, we haven't demonstrated any valuation methodologies applied towards any current companies.

A new site,, aims to fill that void. Jonathan and I received our MBAs from the same school, and therefore we have both taken the same finance and value investing courses. Jonathan has already described some valuation methodologies, and will be demonstrating specific valuations, recommendations and discussions of various companies. Since he will not be posting at regular intervals, readers may prefer to subscribe to his RSS feed so that they are aware of any new articles posted to his site.

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ry said...

Thanks. I added him to my reader.