Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Moonwalking With Einstein

Journalist Joshua Foer was writing an article about memory when he came upon a couple of people professing to be able to teach an improved memory. Until then, Foer had figured (as I had until having read his book) that people were born with good memories. In Moonwalking with Einstein, Foer proves to the world that a better memory can be taught; indeed, having employed some of the techniques of the book, my memory has already improved! So can yours!

The story-line of the book reminded me a great deal of that of The Game. A journalist with limited knowledge and average command of a subject develops a curiousity for it, and demonstrates that with a little study, anyone can become an expert. Foer's demonstration comes in the form of having gone from being a regular Joe with average memory to the ultimate winner of the US Memory Championship!

I consider myself someone of below-average memory. But having used some of the techniques in the book, I can already say that I can remember more of what I want to remember. I wish I knew this stuff when I was a student!

The book isn't just about providing techniques, however; it explains how our memory works in evolutionary terms, which is why the techniques work (as they exploit certain tendencies of our memories).

I first heard of the book after reading rave reviews by the author of Whopper Investments. Incidentally, the book also came highly recommended by Bill Gates. Despite the high expectations I had going in, the book still didn't disappoint! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Bought this book on your recommendation and wished I hadn't. It wasn't terrible, but wasn't worth the time.