Monday, December 10, 2012

Previously Unavailable Stock Info

Value investors know that the most inefficient part of the market at any given time is likely in the smallest companies. But getting the info on these companies that you need in order to make an investment decision can be hard to come by. Over-the-counter stocks don't always publish their financials; sometimes, such info is only made available in hard copy format to current shareholders, which is undoubtedly a small group. One site seeks to change all that!

At, users upload the financials of the small-caps for which they have info in return for access to the financials of other small-caps! What results is a one-stop shop for over-the-counter investors looking to find undervalued companies among the firms that otherwise don't publicize their financials. Check it out for yourself here!


Anonymous said...


How do you even find unlisted stocks like that (without that site)?

Nate Tobik said...

I'm not Saj, but I am the owner of

There's a really easy way to find these stocks, head over to and run the screener. Look for "No Information" stocks, there are 3000 of them, although only 300 have share prices above $.50 per share.

Now the tough part begins, to get information you need to buy a share, call the CFO and ask for an annual report.

The database has 65 stocks currently, I have another four I need to add in the next day or two.

Researching these stocks and cataloging them on your own is very doable, that's essentially what I did. The website is a way to keep track of all these things in an easy to use format with historical information. It's just tough knowing which stocks to buy to start off. You might end up tying up $500 of capital on 8 companies that aren't worth further investment. Some of the companies have share prices in the $1000 and up range, it is rough to pay $1000 for information on a single company only to find you'd rather not invest in them.